At this time we are not offering in person live classes
We are offering: Online Live Stream Classes- schedule below

Please fill out registration form and list which classes you would like to attend or
call school to register and receive access email with code
(Live online classes are run through the Zoom platform, must have camera and microphone, can use computer/smartphone/tablet)
We also offer online and book home study options for both the electives and NH Core

8/1/23 NH CORE 9-12X8/3/23 PROP DISCLOSURE 9-12 
X8/9/23 AGENCY 9-12X 
X8/16/23 ETHICS 9-12X 
XX8/24/23 NH CORE 6-9PM 
8/29/23 RISK MGT 9-12XX 
X9/6/23 NH CORE 9-129/7/23 PROP DISCLOSURE 9-12 
9/12/23 AGENCY 9-129/13/23 ETHICS 9-12X 
9/26/23 NH CORE 6-9PMX9/28/23 RISK MGT 9-12 
XX10/5/23 NH CORE 9-12 
10/10/23 PROP DISCLOSURE 9-12XX 
X10/18/23 AGENCY 9-1210/19/23 ETHICS 9-12 
10/24/23 NH CORE 6-9 PM10/25/23 RISK MGT 9-12